DMV Legal and State Approved

Tested by the California Highway Patrol of Sacramento


No Drilling! No Holes! No Bolts!


License Plate Wrap

License Plate Wrap

License Plate Wrap

The California License Plate Wrap (LPW) is finally here!

  •  Approved by the Governor and filed with the Secretary of State, Senate Bill 806 (2013), Senate Bill 1399 (2018), Senate Bill 1387 (2019) and Assembly Bill 1614 authorized the DMV to issue an alternative product to traditional license plate.  BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO HAVE IT AND PARTICIPATE IN THE PILOT PROGRAM. 

Pilot Program extended until

January 1, 2021

Link about the pilot program.


How to Order

License Plate Wrap

License Plate Wrap

PAYMENT:  Paypal, Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check ONLY.

Write License Plate Number on check memo.

Payable to: License Plate Wrap

Mail $77.73 which includes sales tax and shipping and mail to 


P.O. BOX 4105

Huntington Beach, CA. 92605

Email us your information: Year and Make, License Plate Number, Name and Address as shown on your current registration and Vehicle's current mileage and Shipping address.

(Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery)

  • NOTE: Registration has to be current with the DMV in order to participate in the pilot program. Once you participate, you will need to provide LPW information of date installed and the starting mileage of your vehicle.



License Plate Wrap


License Plate Wrap (LPW) has been working with the California Department of Motor Vehicle since 2014. We did our presentation at the DMV in Sacramento on November 17, 2014. On January 22, 2015 the LPW was tested by the California Highway Patrol of Sacramento and it passed. The pilot program started June 1, 2015 with 28 fleet vehicles.  Recently the DMV gave us approval to sell our product to the public and have them participate in the pilot program.

Compliant, Clean and Street Legal

LPW Review - by

License Plate Wrap Product Reviewed by (wet method way to install the LPW)


"I finally put on my License Plate Wrap. I absolutely love it!   -  Ethel

"I one hundred percent love your product. They're better than any front license plate mount that attaches to your grill and can damage it when you're going fast. Plus the License Plate Wrap makes it easy to clean squash bugs off the front of your car.    - Geoffrey 

"I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with the concept of the  License Plate Wrap. I received my LPW last week and received the DMV  letter a few days ago. My son installed the LPW today and it looks  great. Attached are a few pictures of the LPW installed  on my Tesla Model X. Please feel free to use any of these pictures in  your photo gallery, if the photos are acceptable. If they are too small,  I can provide larger files of these photos."  -  Carolyn


 "I just installed my License Plate Wrap on my Tesla Model 3. The process was much easier than I imagined! I've always done the "right thing" but this time I debated whether to put a front plate on or not. I'm so glad I saw someone post about your company in the TMC Forums.

Thank you for taking care of the process with the DMV and for making a great product!"  

 - Carol

"I have had License Plate Wrap on my truck for months and it has stayed in great condition. I have taken my truck camping, in the snow and rain, 4 wheelin, and countless carwashes!" - Jerry 

 "We've had the LPW for 4 years now it hasn't peeled, torn or lost its color nor reflective properties. And we've put over 200,000 miles on our vans in these 4 years in all sorts of weather. Our vans take a lot of abuse from rocks thrown up to sand to hot and freezing weather. All the while the LPW keeps on sticking. Most people don't know it's not metal. They can't tell difference. I highly recommend these and specially from Jun cause I trust his quality and workmanship."  - Ben


Working our way to the other States


License Plate Wrap FAQs

Q1: What is a License Plate Wrap?

A: License Plate Wrap (LPW) is an alternative license plate made of reflective vinyl for the front of your vehicle. It is not like your conventional "metal" plate.

Q2: Will License Plate Wrap (LPW) work for all vehicles?

A: It will work for most vehicles. Vehicle will need a space 6 - inches height and 12 - inches width. 

Q3: What is the fee to order the License Plate Wrap?

A: $70.

Q4: Can I submit my order online?

A: Yes, you may order online at

Q5: Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

A: Yes, when ordering online a credit card or debit card is accepted. For orders submitted by mail, payment will be made by check, money order, or cashier's check made payable to: License Plate Wrap. NOTE: Write your License Plate Number on check memo.

Q6: Can I submit my order to DMV Field Office or Auto Club Office?

A: No. 

Q7: Where do I mail my check payment?  

A:    License Plate Wrap

        P.O. BOX 4105

        Huntington Beach, CA. 92605


Q8: How will I know that LPW received my order?

A: You will receive a confirmation email that your order was received.

Q9: When will my order be processed?

A: Your order will be processed as soon as LPW verifies with the DMV of Sacramento that you are current with your registration.

Q10: Is License Plate Wrap (LPW) street legal?

A: Yes, as long you participate in the pilot program and received a letter from the DMV of Sacramento.

Q11: Is the License Plate Wrap (LPW) going to look like my current registered plates from DMV?

A: Yes, It will be same as the license plate you have registered at the DMV.

Q12: Can I order License Plate Wrap (LPW) unassigned to a vehicle?

A: No, the plates must be assigned to a currently registered California vehicle when they are ordered.

Q13: Is there a warranty on the product?

A: Product will not peel or lift if properly installed. Instructions will be provided when you receive LPW.   Product will have to be returned and inspected by LPW to determine if we  will send a replacement. A cut or slice or improper installation will  void the warranty.

Q14: Will it damage the paint if removed?
A: Removal of LPW will not damage the paint if the vehicle has original factory paint job or high quality paint.

Q15:  Do I need to sign up  for the pilot program in order to be eligible to receive this or does  my purchase automatically make me part of the pilot program? 

A:  Once we receive your order, we will submit the information you provided to the DMV. After validating the information, the DMV will inform us and we then start the production of your LPW. They will issue a participating letter which confirms you are in the pilot program. The letter will be mailed directly from DMV of Sacramento to the address you provided on your order. 

Q16: Will the LPW interfere with the sensors on a Tesla?

A: The LPW will not interfere with the sensors if installed EXACTLY where the standard plates are placed.

Q17: If vehicle has Ceramic Pro Coating or Clear Bra Protection will LPW still stick well?

A: Yes it will still stick well.

Q18: What document do I get as proof that I am participating in the pilot program?

A: You will receive a participating letter that will come directly from DMV of Sacramento. Please keep your front metal license plate and the participating letter you received in a secure place in the vehicle at all times during the duration of the pilot program.

Q19: What do I do with the LPW when my lease ends or I sell my vehicle?

A: You will need to remove the LPW and surrender it back to us by mailing it to P.O. BOX 4105 Huntington Beach, CA. 92605. You are also required to provide us with the date removed and ending mileage.

Q20: Is it hard to remove the LPW?

A: No, it is not hard to remove the LPW. Before you remove the LPW,  use a heat gun or a hairdryer to give it some heat.  The heat will soften up the adhesive and you can start peeling it off. Use WD-40 to remove any adhesive left on the bumper.    


Clean surface with rubbing alcohol, carefully line up LPW to position on the front bumper and tape it and secure position with tape.

Tesla Owners: Place your LPW EXACTLY where the standard places are places. Turn on ignition to test if the placement will block the sensors (Please unplug if charging)


Heat LPW longer till adhesive is warm using a heat gun or hairdryer then slowly peel it off. If there is a little adhesive still on bumper use WD-40 to remove it.